All There Is to Know about Gastric Sleeve Surgery

You are probably considering gastric sleeve surgery because you have tried to lose weight through exercises and dieting but all in vain. A sleeve gastrectomy surgery is a procedure that eventually reduces the amount of food you can eat by removing a portion of your stomach. Being obese is a stressing epidemic that keeps one’s life on the line increasing risks of contracting chronic medical conditions such as hypertension and heart diseases among others. After all-natural methods have failed convincingly, surgical intervention could come to your rescue.

What Exactly Does the Surgery Entail?

Once you have settled to have the surgery and you have passed as a good candidate for the operation, your surgeon will have you in the theatre room for about an hour. He or she will make small cuts in the stomach area and determine the right portion to remove. In most cases, three-quarters of the stomach is removed. Your surgeon will then reattach the rest of the stomach to form a sleeve, in the form of a banana shape. As for the rest of the digestive system, everything remains intact. You will be required to rest for two to three days in the hospital after surgery as the doctor monitors your recovery.

Both men and women considered morbidly obese are considered good candidates for sleeve gastric surgery. Also, if you are just heavy weighted with a risk factor such as a
chronic condition, you will pass as a good candidate. Gastric sleeve surgery has proven to be effective among a significant percentage of people. Visible weight loss is experienced in about 12 to 18 months with most people losing more than 60% of their initial weight. The surgery is irreversible hence the need for patients to make sound decisions when opting for the operation.

How Do You Pay for the Surgery?

The average cost of sleeve gastrectomy surgery is $14,900. For most people looking to lose weight opt to go for exercises and diets mainly because surgery costs can strain one’s financial budgets. Before you rule out the sleeve gastrectomy surgery, it should be noted that insurance companies are now starting to cover weight loss surgeries. Be sure to talk to your surgeon at any good gastric sleeve surgery orange county ca, where he or she will highlight the figures expected to reflect for your operation.

If you plan to go ahead with the sleeve gastrectomy surgery, then check from your insurance to confirm if they can cover the costs. In the past, operations such as gastric sleeves, mini-gastric bypasses, and lap gastric bands were not covered by insurance plans.

However, you may need to confirm if your insurance policy covers the whole procedure or part of it. It may not be surprising to find out that your policy excludes weight loss surgeries. The best way to move forward with this hunch is to call your insurance provider and ask them to detail what they cover in your plan, disclose your need to get a sleeve gastrectomy surgery and what may be done to get your case covered.